Проставка карданного вала передняя FORD RANGER PX MAZDA BT50


Артикул: TSS011


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Проставка карданного вала передняя FORD RANGER PX MAZDA BT50

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4785 ₽
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Проставка карданного вала передняя  FORD RANGER PX MAZDA BT50
Толщина: 12мм
Шайбы: 9мм
Центральное отверстие: 75мм

Front 12mm Tail Shaft Spacer and Torque Packers for the RH Side of the Diff
suits 2"lift +

The Ranger/BT50 centre bearing spacers are applied to the u shaped cage that holds the centre bearing into position, and effectively lowers the cage, and centre bearing, down to take the angle out of the pinion. The kit is supplied complete with 12 x 3.9mm spacer washers, to suit for the spacing requirement identified (from 3.9mm to 23.7mm), depending upon your lift. All lift kits quoted for Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 should include a Centre Bearing Spacer Kit, because driveline vibration can be experienced even with the smallest lifts.
Is your Manual 4WD suffering from significant driveline vibration following a suspension lift? This is most likely due to the fact that it has a two piece drive shaft with centre bearing. Your mate in the Auto 4WD, with the same lift, will not have the same issues because the Auto versions have a single piece drive shaft. The Roadsafe Diff Spacer is fitted between the rear drive shaft and the diff, lowering the bearing, and compensates for the absence of a slip joint in the drive shaft prolonging the life of the Centre Bearing. In extreme cases it will not fix vibration issues.